Sunday, May 13, 2012

Producer-IEB-Microsoft Studios-343 Industries-Halo (794421) / Microsoft / Redmond, WA

Microsoft/Redmond, WA (WA)

Location: Redmond, WA, US
Job ID: 794421-81059
Division: Interactive Entertainment Business

The Halo team in Microsoft Studios (343 Industries) is looking for an experienced Producer or qualified Program Manager to help shape the future of Halo Waypoint on the Xbox 360.

This is a unique opportunity leading a hybrid team of internal + external design, engineering, and test to create new releases of Halo Waypoint for Xbox 360 and future platforms. Consequentially, this opportunity requires a unique individual possessing both a keen eye towards entertainment and lightning fast problem solving skills.

You must feel comfortable operating within a fast paced environment, shipping quality products in a timely manner. You must be a fast learner, as you will be working in the rapidly evolving intersection of gaming and services. Your relationship management skills must be top-notch, as you will be responsible for managing a key relationship with an external development studio in addition to managing an internal team of engineers. You should have great core program management skills - strong customer empathy, ability to get work done across groups, attention to detail, proven track record of working with design, engineering and test, and excellent written and oral communication.

Past experience with consumer facing products is required. Past experience with Xbox 360 game or application development is a major plus.

1. Manage the successful delivery of Waypoint for Xbox 360 across a hybrid internal + external team.
2. Manage the daily interactions with an external game development studio.
3. Work collaboratively with technical leads and management to ensure Waypoint for Xbox 360 is aligned with Waypoint Web, Waypoint Mobile, and Halo Services.
4. Analyze, identify and drive top issues to resolution.
5. Gather and define the functional and non-functional requirements for features you support.
6. Partner with key disciplines (design, engineering, test, and operations) to ensure designs enable secure, performent, and reliable implementations that can be serviced in production and meet backward-compatibility requirements.
7. Track project deliverables in TFS and report regular project status.
8. Drive scope of work, cost estimates, and contract negotiations for future versions of Waypoint for Xbox 360.


1. A minimum of five years of product development in client/server, web services, or game development environment.
2. A solid technical background and basic understanding of online or web services platforms.
3. Strong customer service focus, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work in a fast-paced team environment.
4. Excellent analytical, problem resolution and decision making skills.
5. Disciplined program management and cross-group skills.
6. Ability to influence others to obtain your goals, while working around their legitimate priorities.
7. Must work well under pressure and tight deadlines.
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